What are the benefits of having a In home caregiver/ nanny live-in vs live out nanny ?

    Once a decision has been made to hire a nanny, the first question you need to answer is: Live-in or live-out? Your answer must take in consideration several aspects, mainly about your residence, your working hours and your life style.

  • 1. Is your home large enough to accommodate another person living there?
  • 2. Is it located on or close to transportation?
  • 3. Do you live in a small community far from the big city?
  • 4. Do you work regular hours or shift work?
  • 5. Can you afford a live-out nanny‚Äôs salary?
  • 6. Can you live with a live-in nanny in your home?

    Many parents contact a nanny agency to discuss and assess their needs for childcare and the availability of personnel to perform these duties. We are here to help.

    ABC Nannies Agency can help you determine the possibilities available and the advantages and disadvantages of the available solutions.

    What are the benefits of having a live-in international nanny or live-in Caregiver vs daycare?

  • Avoid the morning rush, getting the children ready for day-care.
  • Parents choose the person who will be influencing their children.
  • Children receive individual, one on one, attention.
  • Comparatively children don't get as many colds and illnesses from public day-cares.
  • You benefit by having a nanny who helps with errands and light housework.
  • Children have a more secure environment by staying at home.
  • Cost of two children in day-care is almost the same as having a live-in nanny caring for 2 children.
  • The cost of In home live in or live out international caregiver from the Overseas is about $15/hr depends on the province where you live.

    What are the pros and cons of In home live in Caregiver vs Live-out Nanny?

    In home live in Caregivers in Canada are foreigners brought here under the In home live in Caregiver stream. Generally, they are 23 to 45 years of age, with international work experience as au-pairs, domestic workers or training pertaining to child care.


  • 1. Flexibility to match your working schedule
  • 2. Salary that start at the minimum wage set by the provincial government
  • 3. Available to travel with you when needed
  • 4. Does not have a second job to worry about


  • 1. Cultural differences
  • 2. Loss of privacy in your own home
  • 3. In rare cases somewhat limited English language skills

    The vast majority of live-out nannies are past live-ins who applied and obtained a permanent resident status in Canada after working 2 years as a In home caregivers in the program or are Canadian professional nannies. Generally speaking you can expect an improved English language skills and Canadian work experience with Canadian references.


  • 1. Verifiable employment track record
  • 2. Total privacy restored in your home


  • 1. Higher salary expectations ($15 + per hour)
  • 2. May have emergencies at home and could miss working days
  • 3. Expectations of better working conditions and more working benefits.