Questions and Answers when searching or hiring nanny or live in caregiver

Where do your nannies come from?

Our nannies come from all over the world. Mostly from Canada, Philippines, Europe, Brazil, Peru, South Africa and Australia. We have a large nanny database of local and Overseas experienced applicants.

How long does the recruitment process take for Live in or live out Caregiver?

Once a client registers, we review our current files to identify candidates we believe will be suitable for the position. The recruitment process takes anywhere from 24 hours to 6 weeks. Live-in caregivers under the In home Caregiver stream from overseas usually takes 4-5 months, but it could take as long as 6-9 months due to immigration process in some countries. Part of the process is to apply for a positive LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment)through Service Canada.

What is a typical nannies salary?

Wage for live in or live put nannies under the In Home Caregiver stream can vary from $ 10.20-13/ per hour. You can not charge live in nanny R&B. Wages for live out Canadian or Permanent resident nannies vary from $ 15-22 per hour. It all depends on applicants experience, level of education and your location.

How can I keep the nanny or live-in caregiver with our family for couple of years?

Don't take nanny for granted. Treat her as a family member not an employee. Be sure to have mutually agreed upon house rules to ensure the kids or the nanny are not caught in between decisions. Offer a raise or some sort of acknowledgement, after 3 months of employment. Also something after a year. Maybe a bonus at Christmas. Birthdays are important. Communication is the number one tool in keeping the nanny. Treat her as you would like to be treated.

What do you require from potential employers who wish to review your files?

You will need to fill out the on-line application at When this is done, we review the information provided and based on the requirements stated, select a number of candidates' files for the employers' perusal.

Are there any other requirements if a potential employer wants to obtain a In home nanny/caregiver from overseas?

Yes. A potential employer must advertise within Canada and obtain LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment)through Service Canada before offering the position to a candidate under In home caregiver stream. This is a requirement set by Canadian government. We can assist you to process your LMIA application.
Our candidates from overseas have extensive files which include completed application forms, a letter of introduction, childcare references, various diplomas/certificates, photographs of themselves and with the children that they have looked after, etc..

Why we should use a nanny agency?

By using an established professional agency, you have the peace of mind of knowing that all candidates have been scrupulously vetted and matched to your requirements. You also have ongoing support and guidance throughout the recruitment process and period of employment. Many employers are trying to get positive LMIA on their own however are declined after months of waiting. Using professional agency will eliminate delays.

Why use ABC Nannies Canada Inc.?

ABC Nannies Canada Inc. is committed to provide a friendly, professional service in your search for the right childcare solution for you and your family, whether you are looking for a full time or part time solution, temporary or permanent. All families have different childcare requirements and it is our aim to accommodate those and find the right childcare for you. We carefully match candidates to your criteria, so that you only interview candidates clearly suitable to your position. We also assist families with all paperwork pertaining to hiring local or Overseas nanny.

How do I interview a Nanny?

As the agency has pre-selected candidates on their suitability for your position, the main thing is for you to see if you and your family like the nanny and have the same expectations about her role. You may want to interview candidates without your children at first and then introduce short-listed candidates at a second interview. Your children's reactions are one of the most important things to take into account - as well as the candidates' reactions and interest in them. You need to decide what you want the nanny to do, what activities you want your children to go on etc. You need to make sure your attitudes on discipline etc agree. They will also want to know about the terms and conditions of the job - hours, pay, overtime, petrol expenses etc.